pinc. | FAQS


How do we choose our clothing? Senior yourself! Bring as many items as you want and we'll go through them together. Up to 5 outfit changes are included in your sitting fee. I often tell my family portrait clients to do a Google or Pinterest search for photo shoot outfit ideas. The more texture and pattern the better. Try to keep a similar color theme but please don't show up with everyone dressed in the dreaded white t and blue jeans. Newborns are captured mostly in the buff. I provide plenty of tiny hats, headbands and accessories but bring all the items you want as well. Do keep in mind that the best thing about newborns are the little elbows, toes and belly buttons. Bulky clothing only hides the cuteness!

How do we choose our locations? I choose our locations (typically one day in advance) almost all of my shoots consist of 3-5 different back drops (locations). If you have suggestions or requests let's talk about it ahead of time. The shoot is designed around you and there are no rules.

My husband hates being photographed what do I do? Probably one of the most common compliments I receive at the end of a shoot is, "that was fun". It really is. I make the shoots as comfortable and efficient as possible so that even the most camera shy tend to leave my shoots with a little bounce in their step.  I promise it will be a great experience!

What if I want a winter shoot, how do I keep my toddler warm? I shoot outside every month of the year. The key to capturing great winter scenery is to spend very little time at each location. It always works. Even before your nose has time to turn pink we're back in the warm car and off to our next location.

Explain the difference between 'permission to print' and 'permission to print and publish'? Permission to print means that you have chosen that image to print through my site. Permission to print and publish means that you may download the image to the device of your choice, order prints from the site of your choice and publish how you like ex: facebook, instagram etc.

How long will my album be available for me to view, share & place orders? Your album will be available for about 60 days. If you need it to be available for a longer amount of time I'll gladly honor your request. Please make requests prior to your album expiring to avoid being charged a $25.00 upload fee. 

When should I pay the photographer fee? I collect the photographer fee at or before the time of the shoot but all other fees can be determined once you have your edited proofs and have chosen how you would like your images returned.

How do I pay for images not included in the photographer fee? Once you have decided how you would like your images returned, I will give you a total and you can pay by check,cash or with credit/debit using a secure pay pal invoice.